Biomedical Masters Program


The University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Masters Program (BMP) aims to prepare future health sciences professionals and biomedical investigators with the training necessary for successful application to medical, dental, or graduate school. The BMP is a structured 32 credit-hour program designed to be completed in a 12-month period. Extended enrollment for up to 24 months will be considered for students requiring flexible part-time schedules. The program begins each fall session.

Is BMP the right program for you?

The BMP is designed for talented individuals with strong academic records but who are missing important background elements required for admission to medical, dental, or graduate school. The program will provide U.S. and International students with specific course work, standardized test preparation, pre-clinical shadowing and patient-volunteering activities, guidance for the preparation of successful applications to post-graduate programs, and research and community service opportunities.

Core values

  • Teaching how to think as well as what to know for lifelong learning and career growth
  • Valuing students as unique individuals and serving their individual career aspirations
  • Developing strategies for lifelong career success
  • Recognizing the enrichment that diversity provides to the program by actively cultivating inclusiveness

Why Pitt?

The University of Pittsburgh is ranked among the very top schools offering training in the health professions. In addition to excellent academic, research, and experiential preparation, the BMP offers practical professional development workshops that cover essential skills, such as completing applications, preparation of compelling personal statements, handling of interviews with admissions representatives, and an evaluation of alternative career paths.

For students interested in a medical degree, the BMP offers experiential training coordinated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), a nationally and internationally leading academic medical center.

The program also offers experiential training to pre-dental students (coordinated with the School of Dental Medicine) and research training opportunities with graduate faculty of the School of Medicine for students interested in graduate school admission.