Biomedical Masters Program

Mentoring and Coaching

A major distinction of the BMP that directly serves the four major values held by our program is the comprehensive mentoring and coaching approach.  These approaches recognize that the unique needs of individuals vary, incorporating innovative and evidence-based approaches that will support your success through your eventual professional degree program.

Major components:

  • Personalized Mentoring and Coaching Profile – What you need, how best to mentor you, and what approaches will be most effective for you will be determined by a personalized mentoring profile generated by multiple assessments taken during your application.  This profile is provided to all mentors and coaches, and updated as needed to serve your individual needs.
  • Three-Tiered Mentorship and Coaching – No single mentor can provide the breadth and holistic mentoring you need. 
    • Faculty Advisor – The Faculty Advisor begins working with students during the summer before courses begin. Using an individualized and collaborative approach, the Faculty Advisor and the student identify the best selection of academic courses and experiences to maximize long term student learning and success. 
    • Career and Professional Development – Students not only take classes to help develop their career and professional development, they develop a strong mentoring relationship with the instructor out of class environments. 
    • Professional Coach (External) - Coaching from an International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained professional coach to overcome any limiting beliefs, cultural or other challenges that are often the greatest hindrance to your success.  Learn more about ICF professional coaching: Overview,
  • Career Planning – Clarify your Authentic Career Vision and build the foundations of lifelong career planning
    • Foundations course – An innovative credit based course to provide the foundations for lifelong career planning based on professional coaching approaches.  This course is unique to Pitt and modified slightly to align with the BMP. 
    • Professional Specialty Exploration – Exploring the wide range of professional specialties options is often overlooked even in professional degree programs.  We will provide discussion sessions with professionals representing different specialties to clarify your professional aspirations and enhance your professional identity formation.
  • The Benefit of Giving Back – Upon completion of the BMP degree, select alumni may be invited to mentor new BMP students. The process of mentoring additional students enhances both the alumni and the student’s ability be successful throughout their careers. Alumni who mentor students will receive additional career coaching from a certified coach throughout the mentoring timeframe.