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Why the BMP?

What is the BMP?

The Biomedical Master's Program is a one-year, Master of Science program focused on equipping college graduates with additional academic and experiential opportunities, designed to enhance their ability to gain entrance in PhD, MD, and DMD programs. The rigorous coursework and experiential components of BMP also equip students to utilize the Master of Science training in professional jobs immediately after the program. Students also participate in strategic career planning, mentorship relationships, and career coaching to ensure positive outcomes. 

Unlike a Post-Baccalaureate certificate, the BMP builds upon the experiences and coursework required to gain entrance into PhD, MD, and DMD programs. Check out the difference between the BMP program and the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate to see if BMP is right for you

Pitt BMP Post-Bac Certificates
Prepares students for Medical, Dental, PhD programs, and Industry jobs Prepares students for Medical school admissions
Provides an MS degree suitable for continued education or industry work Provides a certificate at the bachelor's level
Requires a strong Science background, students should have completed premedical coursework as undergraduates Provides coursework for students who do not meet the pre-requisites for medical school admissions
Offers graduate-level science courses on par with Medical, Dental, and PhD programs Offers undergraduate science courses to help students meet the curricular requirements of medical school
Emphasizes critical thinking, self-directed learning, synthesis of concepts, and discovery of new concepts Focuses on scientific knowledge and the ability to know and understand concepts.

What makes the Pitt BMP Distinctive?

  • Education and training for life-long learning
  • Individualized curriculum structure
  • Self-directed and collaborative learning models
  • Experiential learning
  • Career Coaching and Mentoring programs
  • Built on the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s innovative curriculum: Emphasizing not only what to know, but how to think!

Why Pitt?

The University of Pittsburgh is ranked among the very top schools offering training in the health professions. In addition to excellent academic, research, and experiential preparation, the BMP offers practical professional development workshops that cover essential skills, such as completing applications, preparation of compelling personal statements, handling of interviews with admissions representatives, and an evaluation of alternative career paths.

For students interested in a medical degree, the BMP offers experiential training coordinated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), a nationally and internationally leading academic medical center.

The program also offers experiential training to pre-dental students (coordinated with the School of Dental Medicine) and research training opportunities with graduate faculty of the School of Medicine for students interested in graduate school admission.

Professional Program Opportunities

Find out more about where BMP students find long-term educational opportunities.